How to Register for the event?

Only online registration is allowed for all the event in India throwdown. An athlete can
register themselves by putting all the accurate information on

Do all the athletes have to register online?

Yes, it compulsory that all athlete register themselves online.

What is the event itinerary?

Detailed Event itinerary will go live as the event nears, it will be notified.

What are the divisions in different sports that India throwdown is conducting?

All details of the event can be found on

How do determine which weight category I will be qualifying in for strongman and powerlifting?

Your qualifying weight category for strongman and powerlifting will be determined by
the weigh-in that will happen a day prior to the event.

What are kids and master event?

Kids event are for kids below 14 and for master it’s 50+. All eligibility criteria will be on the website.

For Fitness event

What's the qualifying criteria for India throwdown Fitness event?

For athletes registering for a fitness event, it will be a two-step process
India throwdown league
India throwdown final

Is the registration process same as other events?

Yes the registration process is same as other sports

How do I submit the score for the league event?

Video recording of all the league event workouts has to be uploaded on youtube and link
has to be shared while submitting the score.

How does score validation happen?

Score validation of league event will be done after the last date of any given workout.
Athletes are advised to stick to the deadline to submit the video. After the last date, no entries will be taken.

How do I know if I qualified for India throwdown final?

All the athletes who qualified for the final will be notified by email and leaderboard will
be updated with the athletes who qualified. All qualified athletes will have to confirm
their presence by paying an amount of 2000 INR.