India throwdown is a multi-sports event to celebrate the spirit of sports in a festival like an environment. It promotes sports as well as their athletes. Non-athletes are also welcome to try all the sports at India throwdown in their scaled down version. Our vision is to put not only a world-class event in India but to strengthen the bond among the sports community here. Every year we will try to add new sport and new place where India throwdown will celebrate the spirit of sports with shining athlete


Every year, sportsmen from around the Indian states gather here to test their skills and also to meet fellow sportsmen to strengthen their true sportsmanship bond irrespective of communities. New sports will be introduced every year and while athletes get to find their niche in the world-class arena


While athletes will get to perform in an international-level competition, non-athletes will be inspired to practice sports and be acquainted with niche sports. Your competition spirit and killer instinct will be tested here, and if you succeed as a budding athlete, this will be your milestone.


We are going to conduct all different sports as per international rules. We will have all the approved equipment which will be used for the events. Qualified judges will be monitoring all the events. New sports will be introduced every year. The plan is to put up a world class event



A sport which combines high skilled movement like weightlifting and gymnastics along with high physical ability. Athletes have to perform a combination of both the movement in high-intensity workout format.


Strongman is a sport which tests the challengers’ strength in a variety of different ways. It’s a sport about raw strength and stamina, in which the principal duty is to pick up or move random heavy objects


Powerlifting is a sport which comprises three lifts in three attempts namely squat, and bench press, and deadlift.It involves attempting a maximal weight single lift of a barbell loaded with weight plates.

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